Process Director - Compliance edition

Process Director workflow software enhances the efficiency and reliability of virtually any business process. Highly regulated processes, such as those in the financial services and pharmacology industries, face specific challenges. They are subject to more scrutiny than their lightly regulated counterparts. They must track and record every meaningful transaction in a way that can be retraced later by managers, auditors, and regulators. Finally, their data must be tightly protected, with minimal impact to customers and operations.

Process Director Compliance Edition is a workflow automation tool which supports the unique BPM needs of these organisations. Offering enhanced data security, audit, and access control features, Process Director Compliance Edition enables these highly regulated businesses to automate and improve their business processes while avoiding compliance landmines.

Process Director Compliance Edition includes:

Enhanced Audit Support

  • Form field auditing tracks any change to form data
  • User reference reporting identifies all objects in which a given user is explicitly named
  • External audit log records all events and actions

Enhanced Authentication

  • Digital signatures
  • Signing
  • Re-authentication
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • Strong password enforcement

Other Features

  • Ability to print detailed reports of process and form definitions
  • Stricter default permissions
  • Optional encryption of form data
  • Configurable restrictions on the set of users to whom a given individual may delegate his/her authority

If your organisation is in financial services, health care, government, or any other highly regulated industry, Process Director Compliance Edition is the best solution for secure, auditable business process management.

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