Intelligent forms automation


Fully web-based, LiquidOffice is a business process management (BPM) solution for creating, deploying and automatically managing the routing, tracking and approval processes for electronic forms.

It encompasses the entire business process management life-cycle, from process design and workflow simulation to deployment and optimisation.

How it works

Form Designer

LiquidOffice provides a web-based solution for creating, deploying and automatically managing the routing, tracking and approval processes for electronic forms.

Deployed through an intuitive point-and-click Form Designer, users can create new forms or add intelligence to existing forms and present them to internal and external users online.

The system allows forms containing common field types such as entry fields, check boxes, radio groups, barcodes and drop-down lists to be designed and supports forms already designed in TeleForm. Dynamic drop lists, lookups and auto-fill fields can be created with a simple wizard driven process.

Process Studio

LiquidOffice incorporates a comprehensive, graphical workflow modelling and simulation environment that allows you to define and test processes involving company information, as well as human and automated tasks. These processes are orchestrated within a fully scalable process engine.

Powered by intuitive drag-and-drop interfaces, LiquidOffice accelerates the design and execution of structured processes for unique business requirements and regulatory compliance needs. No programming expertise is required. Designers can view and manipulate processes as they are creating them and simulate execution off line.

LiquidOffice can adjust processes automatically and dynamically to improve business performance.

Web desktop

The LiquidOffice Web Desktop allows named users to access forms, initiate reviews and workflow processes, and access tasks that have been assigned as part of a routing or workflow process.

The portal provides users with access to information about the forms and processes they participate including an audit trail of actions, access to attachments and notes, and a process map to understand current status.

Management console

Business activity monitoring includes comprehensive monitoring and management dashboard that provides visibility into business processes to help you optimise performance and enforce compliance across the organisation. You can identify bottlenecks, audit usage, analyse processes, and handle exceptions, allowing managers to make real-time improvements to processes that drive your business.

It gives you real-time access to all process-relevant information, yielding deep visibility into trends. This allows you to ask and answer business questions about current processes and make better decisions within the context of all relevant information, whether structured or unstructured.

LiquidOffice Server

Underpinning the platform, the LiquidOffice server hosts the client applications, published forms, and processes. The server presents forms to users and routes the forms upon submission.

It also handles the initiation, management, and tracking of workflow processes. The server enforces the business rules specified by process definitions.

Improve data collection with web forms

Easily design intelligent electronic forms in the form Designer with WYSIWYG tools.

Automate people and forms driven processes

Compose, manage and modify workflows in the Process Studio.

Embed business rules

Build rules for both forms and ad-hoc/structured processes using an intuitive point and click UI without the need for script.

Web desktop

Access, complete, review and approve forms from anywhere, anytime.

Audit trail

Comprehensive tracking and auditing capabilities log user and administrative activity in the management console, enabling you to meet compliance requirements.


The LiquidOffice SOAP API enables tight integration with other enterprise application environments.

Hybrid paper/electronic capture

LiquidOffice integrates with TeleForm to deliver a comprehensive enterprise level solution that addresses an organisation’s paper/PDF/web/mobile forms needs.

Support helpdesk

Renewable annually, our support and maintenance contracts provide technical support and problem diagnostics, via telephone, eMail or remote desktop during normal business hours.

LiquidOffice training

LiquidOffice training courses aimed at technical staff responsible for the installation, configuration and administration of LiquidOffice and end users who use the solution on a daily basis.

Enhance customer experience

LiquidOffice provides a rich user interface for collecting information from customers and employees.

Minimise manual data entry

Business rules such as database look-ups and validations can be applied to form fields to minimise manual data entry when filling out a form and ensure accuracy on form submission.

Improve process monitoring

Monitor the status of your critical tasks and proactively take action when required.

Mobile friendly

LiquidOffice lets decision makers access, review, digitally sign and approve steps in pivotal business processes from just about anywhere in a manner that is secure, auditable and compliant.

Electronic and digital signature support

LiquidOffice ensures compliance by transparently creating an audit log of all activities and provides the security of both electronic and digital signature support.

Send scheduled e-mail alerts

Schedule users notifications when tasks are assigned to them and notify, escalate and reassign the task if timely action isn't taken.


The time saved processing contracts alone is massive; it has reduced from several days to minutes.

- Chris Stedham, Business Intelligence Systems Manager, Bath Spa University

LiquidOffice has enabled us to provide both an elegant and robust solution to our problem. It compares more than favourably to other applications I have used and if asked, I would highly recommend it.

- Lorna Hamilton, Senior Statistician, BRE
Case studies

LiquidOffice powers staff expenses and lecturers payments for Bath Spa University

Case study

Bath Spa University offers undergraduate and postgraduate degrees with a strong focus on creativity, culture and enterprise. Tracing its roots back 160 years to the Bath School of Art, the university offers stunning campuses, outstanding facilities and high-quality teaching.

The university had many paper forms and processes, which had been evolving for many years.

LiquidOffice was selected to facilitate the conversion from paper to electronic forms as it offered point-and-click form design, validation of data at source and complete visibility of the review and approval process.

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Building Research Establishment (BRE) automate certification service with LiquidOffice

Case study

The Building Research Establishment (BRE) is an independent and impartial, research-based consultancy, testing and training organisation, offering expertise in every aspect of the built environment and associated industries.

BRE use LiquidOffice to register suppliers and manufacturers who need to demonstrate that their products and services meet the appropriate standards in order for them to sell into new markets.

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