Script paper design

As part of our electronic marking system, ePC can design exam papers to improve robustness of identification, hand-print recognition and processing speed.

We have created many different examination papers incorporating fields, tick boxes, logos and graphics. Existing script papers will be used as a guide to style and layout so the script contains the same content as the original.

Powerful design features allow fields to be defined which capture specific information, perform look-ups, enforce validation rules and match brand guidelines.

Typical form components include:

  • Constrained print fields - handwriting is most effectively read when it is laid out in a constrained print field, with one character per box
  • Barcodes - many industry standard bar codes can be read from scanned images including two-dimensional data-matrix and PDF417 barcodes
  • Choice fields - set-up simple tick boxes or multiple option tick boxes in a variety of styles
  • Image zone/signatures - recognise if a form has been signed or not and capture images or data from multi-line machine print fields.

Example examination scripts

  • Examination script - reading
    Examination script - reading
  • Examination script - writing
    Examination script - writing
  • Examination script - writing continuation sheet
    Examination script - writing continuation sheet
  • Examination script - listening
    Examination script - listening

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