IT workflow software

Your IT department deals with change on a daily basis and provides essential services and support to your organisation. Many of the daily tasks of an IT department would benefit greatly from process automation; some of these task include:

  • Installation and implementation of hardware, applications and configuration changes
  • Recording, actioning and closing of support request tickets
  • Handling employee access changes to applications and other resources
  • Creating, modifying and deleting user accounts
  • Managing a company's ISO or compliance documentation
  • Enforcing and maintaining a company's internal security and auditing policies

Your challenges

Your IT department is measured on increasing productivity, even with shrinking budgets. When the requests and flow of information is manual, IT groups can face many additional challenges:

  • Ensuring that new employees have access to applications and IT resources in a timely and secure manner
  • Maintaining, finding and presenting information needed for audits
  • Providing a consistent and secure approval process for processing requests
  • Coordinating requests from various departments, facilities, vendors and suppliers
  • Ordering and supplying new equipment in a timely fashion without duplication
  • Tracking down change requests despite lack of visibility into the process

Our solution

The solution to these problems resides with process automation, tracking and reporting. Our IT workflow software can automate IT change requests and provide a consistent method for routing and tracking the flow of IT requests and information. With BPM, your IT department will have:

  • Visibility into internal processes supporting management decisions and compliance initiatives
  • Less paper handling and manual routing, eliminating errors and delays
  • Process consistency aiding efficiency and auditing
  • Reduced productivity problems due to lost or mishandled requests
  • Empowered users with instant access to process information to assist in their everyday decision-making processes

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