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  • NHS Education For Scotland - Questionnaire
    NHS Education For Scotland - Questionnaire
  • University College Birmingham - Student Satisfaction Survey
    University College Birmingham - Student Satisfaction Survey

"Many people think that evaluation of Training is about checking that “things were okay” during the training. Where evaluation happens it is often characterised by “happy sheets” which usually check with the learners that the conditions were “okay” and how highly the learners rate the facilitator and the training as a whole. In fact, this is only part of what evaluation is about" Workforce Development, NHS Wales

Your challenges

Each year, organisations allocate a significant part of their budget on training. In many cases, post training evaluation is rare because managers lack the skill or resources to review the course. Instead managers often choose to trust their instinct which tells them optimistically that information learnt from the training has transferred to the workplace, improved staff effectiveness and made a positive contribution to bottom line performance.

Our solution

At ePC, we believe that training should be quantifiable and demonstrate a clear return on investment.

Our training course software eValuate is designed to automatically read, capture and verify each training feedback form. In fact, our experts will intelligently format the solution for your reporting and analysis needs.

Key benefits

  • Increase efficiency and save money
  • Reduce resources required to capture high volumes of data
  • Capture crucial data for proactive analysis - identify training strengths and weaknesses
  • Enable managers and coordinators to grade trainer and student performance
  • Provide extensive statistics for analysis of data and reporting
  • Branded feedback forms with clear and simple field types such as print fields, tick boxes and satisfaction scales
  • Forms designed to extract constructive responses from training delegates
  • Streamlined processing and removal of manual processing bottlenecks
  • In-house ownership with full system and application support available

If you want to find out more about training assessment and evaluation, or wish to book a demonstration, please contact us.

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